What is Never Stutter Again?

Never Stutter Again is an online program for stutterers who desperately want to take back the charge of their life. It's a fluency-enhancing strategy that helps you beat stuttering dead in its tracks by working on your speech from the ground-up.

This program was born out of frustration...

I'll tell you why in a moment...

You see stuttering is seen to be a strange and mysterious phenomena that affects around 1% of the world population. And despite all the advances in science and technology, the so-called experts like us to believe that there’s no known cure for stuttering.

So much that people shudder even at the mere thought of having a 'Cure'.

If you're reading this page, it's likely that you too don't believe that there is a cure for stuttering - at least not yet.

This webite is not going to give you false expectations or tall promises.

This is about giving you 'hope' - a new ray of light.

It's about telling you that not only there is a tunnel out there, but that there's light at the end of the tunnel. A clear bright light that has touched the author of this website. 


Who Am I?


My name is John Isaac and I am currently residing in Bahrain, a beautiful little island near Dubai.

I started stuttering around the age of 5 and it continued all the way into adulthood.

It ran in my family. My first cousins stutter. My dad stuttered. And if I had let "fate" take it's course...

... I too would have stuttered untill now.

Can you relate to any of this?

If yes, then this website brings you the good news of a stutter-free life, just like the one I'm living now.

I'm a tech entrepreneur as well as an avid writer. I like to dissect human psychology to find out how we can be our best selves and fulfil the potential that life has to offer.

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