January 2, 2021

Can a new technology WASH away your bad memories and remove stuttering?

A subscriber sent me this interesting question...


Hi john,

I was quite fascinated by the idea that you keep on telling repeatingly in your newsletters about the two main causes of stuttering namely anticipation and negative thinking . I read your every newsletter and I follow your advice.

They say that there are three kinds of stuttering :
Neurogenic , psychogenic and developmental.

Now what you talk about is overcoming anticipation and negative beliefs . So can overcoming these two cure all the three kinds of stuttering types?

Next thing is, I was recently researching about stuttering and found that a new technology is coming in developed cities where people can actually remove the memories that they want to remove .Like a complete wash from the brain. So, since conditioning of the brain starts from childhood believing that speaking is an efforting task and this causes us to have speech block which is solely due to us remembering that we'll stutter because of the past experiences that we've had of an embarrassing bad memory of a stuttering experience . So if we can remove all of our bad memories of stuttering, maybe we'll instantly be able to talk fluently because it's a neurological disorder.

So I wanted to ask if it is possible for the so- called CURE of stuttering through this thing.


These are all the right questions! Thanks for sending em my way.

Perhaps, are YOU, the reader, also thinking about this? Are you also wondering if some new technology can cure the stuttering dilemma once and for all?

Let me address it one by one.

So if your stuttering is neurogenic, meaning it appeared after some sort of injury or disease to the central nervous system, then Never Stutter again isn't for you.

However, if you're stuttering is of the other two kinds, like it is for most of the stutterers... then you should consider looking into Never Stutter Again.

The questioner rightly pointed out that the main things we largely address are anticipatory stuttering and elimination of stutter related beliefs. People think it's certain situations that make them stutter, for example talking to boss/elders/authority figures. But that's not true. Situations in itself don't have the power to trigger your stuttering. It's the associated beliefs that act as the triggers.

And then you've got something called "Conditioning". Certain words have been mentally conditioned to be seen as "Difficult". It's this mental conditioning that causes a stutterer to "Anticipate" difficult words... this anticipation spikes up the stress levels, which ultimately causes you to stutter. Of course all this happens so fast, we don't even notice.

So that's why it's important to tackle both of these aspects. And that's what makes our program so solid. In Never Stutter Again, we walk you through several different processes and exercises to help you overcome both, the stutter beliefs and anticipatory stuttering. Students who have diligently followed the processes have been reporting back with stellar results... we've compiled some of it here:


Secondly, about the new technology that supposedly washes away memories...

Look, I'm all for science. I don't deny a cure simply because it sounds strange or out-of-the-world. As someone who used to stutter badly and now recovered, i for one deeply believe that anything is possible. So it's likely possible that such a tech may be developed and be in our hands in the next 2 to 3 decades. Past experience tells me it won't happen anytime soon.

It was maybe FIFTEEN years ago when this news made headlines that scientists have discovered the gene in our DNA that's responsible for stuttering. I also read, ages ago, that they've discovered some electromagnetic therapy that can heal stuttering.

Honestly, if I was you, I wouldn't pin my hope on those discoveries. Just notice the pattern... they make headlines for some time... and then they totally disappear.

Again, i'm not denying these technologies can't exist in near or distant future... all i'm saying is let's be realistic and work on something more tangible - something in which you have the confidence you can achieve results this year, this month, this week. Not 2 decades later.

So coming back to the main point about this future technology that can remove memories....

... I'd like to challenge that it's not the memories that cause stuttering and stammering. For example, think about Rain. In London, rain is associated with gloom. Winters and rain are sad. But in Africa or the Middle East, rain is a blessing. It's associated with happiness. It's the same rain. The rain isn't causing these feelings. It's certain beliefs and conditionings people associate with it that's causing those feelings. Makes sense?

Similarly, it's not really the memories that you wanna get rid of. It's the beliefs and conditionings ASSOCIATED with those memories that you wanna deal with. And that's exactly what you learn how to do in Never Stutter Again course. No other course tackles stuttering as thoroughly as we do in respect with dealing with stutter-related beliefs. So if that's something you'd like to do, and overcome stuttering in the process....

...visit the below link to read more about Never Stutter Again and get your copy:


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