June 14, 2020

Does Reading Out Loud Help With Stuttering?

The speech gurus miss the point.

All those 'experts' saying you should join Toastmasters or participate in singing or read out aloud one hour everyday...

They don't get it.

The problem with stuttering is that it affects you during "Spontaneous" conversations...

Not while reading a written script or speaking a memorized speech.

That resonates with the question 'JustHguy' posted in a forum. He writes:


"Do you guys think that talking to yourself out loud can help with stutter?

Like I can read out loud with almost no stutter but it doesn't carry over to real world conversations where you have to think of words in your head and say them rather than reading where you have clear written out script of what to say."


Like 'JustHguy' pointed out:

It just doesn't carry over.

There are a few exceptions though, and I'll come to that in a moment.

But the main reasons why it doesn't carry over are:

1. Reading a loud from a book is very different than speaking with someone in real-time.

2. When reading, you have the words in front of you. Whereas when speaking, you have to come up with words 'on the go'.

3. And so, reading does not train your brain to talk in spontaneous situations.

The exceptions?


Reading builds up your vocabulary... which might help you in being more efficient in pulling up words from your head when you need to.

Also, it can give you at least some confidence boost, knowing that if you can read without stutter... then one day you may as well be able to speak fluently.

To conclude, reading out aloud does not directly help with stuttering.

That's why in Never Stutter Again, you'll see three unique strategies to overcome your stuttering, and 'Reading out loud' isn't one of them.

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