January 2, 2021

My New Samsung Buds

I couldn't believe how easy it was to overcome stuttering until...

Well let me tell you what happened.

The new Samsung Buds i bought weren't fitting my ears.

I got them off a special offer deal they were running here in my neighborhood hypermarket.

The thing comes with different attachments and pieces.

My wife has the Apple Airpods and they come with one size fits all. No struggle with attachments or anything. It just works right out of the box.

But the Samsung ones had a whole lot of things going on...

After about 15 minutes of fighting with, i finally found a combination that works for my ears.

And funnily enough, now i can't live without my buds lol

My point is, the only limitations out there are actually in your mind.

When you've stuttered for years and years, it kinda feels like this is how it's meant to be.

I mean, i only struggled with my ear buds for a few minutes and i concluded "these are not for me".

In the same way, stutterers who've tried many different ways to overcome their speech problem...

... when nothing they try works, they conclude "fluent speech is just not meant for me".

When my wife initially told me to try those different buds attachments, my first reaction was: "Can't you see, they don't fit into my ears!".

In the same way, stutterers sometimes say: "Can't you see! I just can't stop stuttering...i don't have any control over it"

But tell me...

Do you really see "I don't have any control over it"?


The only thing you see with your physical eyes is you not being able to produce vowel sound. That's it.

Everything else you're telling yourself are interpretations you're unconsciously forming in your mind.

So how do you train you mind to get rid of these limitations?

The solution is...

Start speaking fluently first in your mind!

I'll explain:

Most stutterers get attached to their self-image. you can see it when they say 'im a stutterer". That means internally they've come to believe that this is who they are.

So, the first step to speaking fluently to the outside world is to first become a 'fluent speaker" within yourself.

It's about the self-image that you carry.

Think of all the people and all the situations that you stutter in. Then start a mental dialogue with all these people. Do you see yourself stuttering? That's fine.

Repeat the mental dialogue but this time REMIND yourself... that this is not a real situation. It's just in your mind. You're not even physically speaking at this point. You're just THINKING.

Keep doing this for a few minutes a day.

And when you stop stuttering while THINKING, that's when you'll know you're getting somewhere.

An entire chapter in Never Stutter Again is dedicated to this. We show you how to rewire your brain to stop anticipating negative events.

Because most human beings tend to think negatively when they allow their mind to wander.

As you do these exercises daily, you'll start realizing how easy it is to manipulate and train your mind. You'll be armed with knowledge and skills to make your mind do anything you want. Instead of always feeling lack control, you're start feeling more in charge of your life and day to day situations.

Events and situations that were previously difficult, like talking to boss etc, will not fearful any more.

And very soon, people will start complementing you on how you no longer stutter.

For more information about Never Stutter Again and to read what students have to say, click the link below:

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