July 1, 2020

Oliver Queen vs Slade Wilson

There's a show on Netflix that I've been watching nonstop the last few days...

It's called the "Arrow".

It's all about vigilantes taking up the law and villians trying to destroy the 'Starling City'.

In season 2 of Arrow, they talk about Mirakuru.

It's was hidden deep in the forests of Lian Yu, an Island in the North China sea where Oliver Queen was deserted for five years.

They finally managed to get the Mirakuru but it falls into the wrong hands, aka Slade Wilson.

Oliver Queen spends a couple episodes to get it out of Slade, who wants to avenge his girlfriend's death.

But what's Mirakuru, you ask.

According to legend, it's a serum developed by Japanese soldiers during World War II that supposedly gives you super powers and great physical strength. So you inject Mirakuru and you become a super human, just like that.

As I look back at my younger days, I think I too was looking for a stuttering mirakuru....

... something like a miracle cure that will magically fix my broken speech without doing anything.

If you're like that too, I got bad news for ya:

There ain't no magical serum in real life.

In real life, if you want to something about your stuttering, this is what you do:

1. Break free from the stuttering 'Anticipation' chain

2. Identify and get rid of specific limiting beliefs about your stuttering

3. Work on your physiology to remove the 'Effort Factor' from your speech

4. Use some temporary aids to help you with removing speech blocks for the short term

I know...

This sounds way too boring as compared to poking a woodoo needle in yourself lol

But there's a good reason for this.

Because even the so-called Mirakuru had it's downsides.

It actually made people worse. Slade Wilson went on a killing rampage when he was under the influence of this drug. Oliver Queen had to find a "Cure" for the Mirakuru!

It's the same for stuttering.

Any time you attempt to use a 'quick fix', you'll notice that your stutter and stammer comes back after some time. It's called "Relapse". And guess what, now you're looking for a way to "cure" the relapse!

There's a much better way, seriously.

And it's laid out in my course called 'Never Stutter Again'. But let me tell you it's not for evreryone.

Specifically not for those looking for their own version of mirakuru.

One thing I learned after watching 'Arrow' is that even superheroes need patience to do anything worthwhile.

You'd need patience too if you ever want to break free from the stuttering cycle.

If this is something up your alley, I'd like to invite you to read more about my stuttering course and take it for a ride.

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