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A mindset-training course that shows you how to speak without stuttering in natural, spontaneous situations, without thinking and planning what to say next!
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Doesn’t it frustrate when you know exactly what to say, how to say and the words are right in front of your eyes but you simply just can’t say it?

I’ll never forget what happened to him that day...

He was a 5 year old kid who was living a normal life.

Until one day his life changed forever.

It was a normal day at school. The kids were asked to read a textbook paragraph one by one out loud.

When his turn came, he stood in front of the class with the book in his hands and started to read.But this time, his reading was not the usual......

His lips stopped moving......

His mouth refused to form the sentences......

He was trying to read but it just wasn’t happening.His teacher stopped him and said “Why are you stuttering?

That 5 year old kid was me

And for the next 25 years of my life......

I kept asking myself the same question.


Something that seems to flow magically for most people......

But for some of us, it’s an everyday struggle.

The average person takes speech for granted. When he has to say something, he simply opens his mouth and the words flow out naturally without any conscious effort. He doesn’t have to think about what alphabet the word is starting from. He doesn’t need to worry about whether he’ll choke up as he starts to talk. He doesn’t need to scan and look for easier, “substitute” words.

He just says.

But for stutterers, Speaking is an entirely different experience

Have you ever stopped to wonder what makes a normal person not stutter even in the face of fear and stress?

Isn’t it simply astonishing how those who stutter can sing perfectly well?

Doesn’t it then seem like there’s some kind of a switch in your mouth that gets turned off just when you’re about to speak?

This strange and mysterious phenomena affects around 1% of the world population. And despite all the advances in science and technology, the so-called experts like to tell us that there’s no known cure for stuttering.

My name is John...

And as far back as my memory goes I first started stuttering when I was five. I’ve spent the last few years figuring out the root causes of stuttering so I can finally put an end to this crippling ordeal.

Contrary to what some people may think, it’s not that stutterers don’t know what to say.

In fact, they would know exactly what to say - and yet are not be able to articulate it. I know, because I’ve been there. It’s like the words are right in front of your eyes but every time you try to let the words out you hit a brick wall. And the harder you try to force out the words, the more difficult it gets. So what happens is that even though a stutter wont stutter when he’s alone or when singing, but their speech gets really crippled when they interact with the world.

Case in point:

One of the most frustrating things I experienced over and over again was getting a speech block right in the middle of a conversation.

I initially used to cover it up pretending that I am “thinking” about what to say next.

But the pauses and blocks were so unnaturally long that people would actually find out what’s going on and that would put me to shame.

Same thing used to happen while attending phone calls.

One day the phone rang, I picked up the call and the person on the other side happened to be a girl I once had a crush on.

I couldn’t say anything past “Hello”.

In fact, I couldn’t even say Hello.

I choked up on the “H”.

I just handed over the phone to my mom. Luckily she was standing right next to me.

Thanks mom

The point is:

Until you learn how to free yourself from stuttering, it will continue to creep up in your life and put you to shame and embarrassment especially when you least expect it.

Like the following scenario:

Stuttering in response to a question

Any question.

If you’ve experienced this you know how uneasy it is.

It’s as if the questioner is implying that you’ve made a mistake. That you’re wrong. Like you’ve been exposed.

It’s like you say “the sky is blue” and then if I ask you “what? what did you say?”... somehow that would make you feel that your initial statement was wrong..

...and you’d begin to stutter.

Ok this might be an extreme example but you get the point right?

It’s not enough to simply “talk yourself” out of these situations.

Most of the times when you’re in the middle of a stuttering situation like someone questioning you, you don’t really have the luxury of time to stop and convince your brain to stop stuttering.

It all happens in an instant.

But with the right tools all these little nuisances that come with stuttering can be overcome easily.

Unfortunately, at every step a stutterer has to face these embarrassing situations that really impair their ability to talk fluently.

For example

Ordering food at a restaurant

How many times have you ordered something based on what you can “pronounce”?

Just because you were anticipating to stutter on the very word from the food menu that you wanted to order!

Being a stutterer, life can be very depressing if you don’t know how to overcome this obstacle.

With all its pains and frustrations, it definitely makes sense why stuttering is such a debilitating condition.

Nobody wants to open their mouth not knowing whether they’ll be able to say the next word or not.

To make situations more worse, stuttering is often shown by experts as an incurable condition - one that you can only “manage” but can never completely get rid of.


...being the rebellion that I am...

I never settled for that and kept on looking for answers

I joined Toastmasters.

I spoke to large crowds on various topics.

I read books.

I searched high and low.

You see there’s a lot of ill-advice out there, information which if you apply will make your stuttering worse.

But my quest and search has lead me to answers that enabled me to finally start speaking without any blocks.

I now live without stuttering - and I want for you to be able to do the same.

I have created the Never Stutter Again system so you too can finally find the joy in speaking in any situation.

If you’re interested to learn what really causes stuttering and how to eliminate the road blocks that come in the way of your speaking, then read on...

Introducing The "Never Stutter Again" Course

Never Stutter Again is a complete system that describes my exact methods step by step to help you get free from the shackles of stuttering.

It is delivered instantly electronically via online members dashboard which you can open and start studying on your computer, phone or tablet.

Meaning you can start reading and apply the system starting TODAY.

What You'll Get Inside This Course

The Core E-Book

107-pages of no fluff, straight-to-the-chase PDF ebook that forms the core element of Never Stutter Again program. Don't skim through this. You won't derive any benefit from the program if you just quickly read it and don't do anything with it. You've got to put the steps into practice and APPLY the strategies that I've shared in the book. It's a distillation of my years of trial and error which I'm handing over to you on a golden platter (so as to say).

Tools & Exercises

A cheat-sheet containing the best tools and exercises that complement the core ebook. This cheat-sheet serves as a quick reference guide.

Reading time: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Access To Support

You're going to get one-to-one personal access to me via email. You can email me anytime (within reason) and expect to get an answer within 24 hours (usually much earlier), unless it's weekend or I'm taking some days off work (in either case, you'll be notified via automated email response).

What You'll Learn After Reading This Course


A weird trick you can use at any moment to dissolve almost all nervousness you feel while stuttering that will make you speak with much less effort. This is based on a phenomena that was also shown in the movie “The Kings Speech”.


How to easily get rid of the specific negative believes that make you feel low. Each belief would take you around 20 minutes to work on.


Learn a new mindset that will make you feel much less concerned about what others think of you. This will help you with not just stuttering but other negativities in your life as well


A new approach that will help you speak more fluently by not being overly concerned about what others think of your stuttering.


A simple question you can ask yourself to instantly start feeling more comfortable around others and start speaking more fluently.


Make talking and speaking easier and more natural by shifting your perception about the very act of “speaking”


A daily 10 minute routine you must use to stop anticipating “Difficult words”.


Find out the real reason why your stutter keeps coming back - And no it’s got nothing to do with your genetics!


The exact steps to speaking like you’re singing so you won’t stutter again! Don't worry, this won't make you speak with a melody or some unnatural rythm!


A simple method to say the exact word you want to say without any stutter even if you stuttered on it hundred times before!


A new way to think about the words that you speak - so you no longer think of words “Hard” or “Difficult” - Even a very complex words with many syllables will not seem difficult to you!


A radical mindset shift that allows you to speak freely without stuttering in the presence of authority figures.


Simple ways to deal with your stuttering without spending your hard earned money on coaches and therapies.


Why the traditional speech therapy methods don’t work and what works instead.


A miracle vitamin that cures almost one-third of stutterers when taken in specific proportions! This is commonly available in all major pharmacies yet many people are unaware of its stutter-healing powers.
And lots more!

I’m excited for you to get your hands on all this information and finally be able to start speaking without stuttering!

Who Is This For?

If you answer yes to any of the below questions, then Never Stutter Again system is exactly for you:


Doesn’t it frustrate when you know exactly what to say, how to say and the words are right in front of your eyes but you simply just can’t say it?


Don’t you find it embarrassingly awkward when you’re in the middle of a conversation and suddenly you get blocked on a word which makes you pause for a long time... while you hope people think that you just “forgot” what to say!


And then you look around wondering if anyone else saw you doing that!


Don’t you feel embarrassed when you have to make weird facial expressions in front of others to get that freaking word out?!


Do you feel sad when you notice people around you laughing and to you it seems as if they are laughing at your stutter problem..?!


Doesn’t it make you feel lonely and sad when you watch others having a good time and you want to join ‘em too and be a part of it but instead you stop yourself because you don’t want to look stupid due to your stutter?


Do you feel ashamed when you’re talking to someone confidently thinking THIS time you won’t stutter but then that ugly stuttering shows up again... as if it was waiting around the corner just waiting to ruin your day!


Doesn’t it make you annoyed when you’re perfectly talking to someone without stuttering but when the moment the other person throws a question at you... you start stuttering again!
It’s not easy to live a normal life when you can’t enact the simple skill of talking.

It affects not only your personal life but also your career and relationships.

That’s why in Never Stutter Again I’ve tried to cover this problem from every facet as possible.

If you’ve tried everything else and nothing seemed to work...

Then Never Stutter Again is the answer to your prayers.

Read on to find out what’s included in Never Stutter Again...

What Students Are Saying About The Course

"Never stutter again completely transformed the way I look at and approach stuttering. Often the anxiety and anticipation of thinking you're about to stutter is the hardest part to overcome. I really learned how to handle this and manage myself a lot better in social situations.

Before investing in John's course, I was working a dead end job after dropping out of college. How did I end up in either of these situations you ask..? Because of my speech problem. I simply couldn't communicate effectively enough to perform well in college. I also couldn't get into a decent job because of my lack of communication skills, I was in a really REALLY bad place mentally because of this.

Fast forward 9 months and I have now quit that job and started my own business. How you ask..? John's course gave me the tools and most importantly, the CONFIDENCE to perform well in most social situations. It's not a miracle cure for stuttering and I still have a lot of work to do, but if you apply the knowledge correctly, you can transform the way you speak and transform your life!"
Kieran, Sales Copywriter
United Kingdom

"I reached out to Phiko few weeks after he got into the Never Stutter Again program. This is what he wrote back to me:

"My goodness... I have not even began deleting the negative beliefs but already I'm out here ordering exactly what I want with no struggle.. Wow so far so good thank you for your program. "

Few weeks later, he sent me this message:

"My friend I am sorry I have been so quite... I've been going in full steam on your program... LOL you'd laugh at how the cashiers here always squint their eye's at me expecting me to stutter and then are left confused when the word come out smoothly.. My speech is not perfect but it is much more expressive than what it was and its all thanx to you.""
Phiko T, South Africa
"I recently received the Never Stutter Again program and unlike a lot of other programs, I feel it really reaches out to people on an “everyday real-world” level.

I have always been a big believer that positive thinking/ positive attitude goes a long way with everything in life and success.

However, I never really applied that attitude to my stuttering until I read this program which got me thinking about my stuttering from a different perspective!

The more I worry and put myself down about it, the more I stutter. Whereas, changing my mindset to a much more positive one and stop thinking that everyone is waiting for me to stutter and judge me on it, ridding these negative thoughts and self-doubt, lessens my stutter.

I haven’t put the program fully into effect yet, but I know it’s one that will definantly help me in the real world."
Natalie Hughes, Author

"Your course is something which can do wonders for ppl who suffer the pain of stuttering.

One day I had a tough time inquiring job details from a receptionist at an office and felt quite miserable for not being able to complete my sentences (this has happened many times though) and after that I browsed the internet for remedies related to stammering,I randomly stumbled upon your site. The contents of your site was so relatable to my situations compared to countless other sites and videos I have seen. So I decided to subscribe to ur emails for more info. After reading about 10-15 emails I felt this course could help me in the long run, but the factor that made me think twice or thrice was the cost of the course. I had a small doubt in me whether it was a scam as I have once lost 1000 INR on paying for an entrance exam for a job which turned out to be a total fake one which the contents were so convincing.

On reading the pdfs I could summarize that its how we subconsciously let ourselves to be downgraded/motivated on past situations and to question the negative thoughts and suppress them before having a conversations.

Other benefits of this course

Other benefits would be like, your pdfs could be the best way of spreading awareness to speakers who don't or haven't stuttered in their life. And also would help them to deal with stutterers more sensibly.

I would recommend this course because:

Yes, your course is something which can do wonders for ppl who suffer the pain of stuttering. Unfortunately, none of my friends are stutterers and yes my sister and uncle (mother's brother) does stutter but there stutter haven't stopped them from conveying what they have in their mind and were never seen being upset to the fact that they stammer. My sister did have a problem while saying "hello" while receiving a call and I remember she had little courage to go and take the phone first, but now her stammer is almost absent. At that time I had hardly any problems making a call. It was after college and entering the world of 'career' where I started to experience huge problems. I ended up quitting my last job and one of the reasons for quitting the job was sadly my stutter which really took a toll on me.

What I like the most about this course:

The thing I like about your content is that this is what matters to most stutterers. You have quoted incidents and beliefs of stutterers which are so accurate. I have been through all such situations that you have rightly mentioned. That really impressed that at last I found the content which describes the hard reality. The contradictions of certain beliefs of ppl around and ourselves are on point.

Thanks a lot."
Shyam Shivakumar, India
"The book is so easy to read, as English is not my first language. And it describes the reality of stammerer's feelings and his wishes.

I have reached to about page 25 where stuttering is totally isolated from factors widely blamed but in fact are not stuttering!

However, am excited to reach to the core of the book: Anticipation fixing techniques, along with other methods to control or eliminate stuttering. But I don't want to jump straight to that part.

Thank you"
Nawaf, Kuwait

What This Course Is NOT About

1) This course is not about breathing exercises

You won't learn about breathing techniques in this course. Although proper breathing is good for overall health, we don't believe it directly contributes to stuttering. If you're interested in learning breathing techniques to control stuttering, just google "airflow technique for stuttering" and you'll find lots of free information on that.

2) This course is not about "word replacements"

You won't learn how to quickly replace difficult words with easier words. In fact we do the exact opposite. We teach you how to train your mind to get rid of this whole concept of "difficult words". Afterall, words are just "Sounds" aren't they?

3) This course is not about practising "Reading Out Aloud"

Reading out loud from a book or newspaper might have it's own benefits but so far as stuttering is concerned we don't see any value in it. You want to overcome stuttering and stammering during SPONTANEOUS conversations, and reading a book out loud does't train your brain for that.

How Is This Course Different?

How do you stop stuttering during "out of nowhere" spontaneous conversations?  How do you talk fluently "on to go"?

The difference between this course and other courses in the market is that we teach you how to stop planning each and every word and just be able to "wing" your way whenever you talk. 

There's no point in learning hundred different tricks that you have to juggle whenever you have to say something.

Instead, the goal of this course is to make you free from being dependant on these tricks and just be able to speak your mind when you need to. 

How Do I Buy Never Stutter Again Course Right Away?

To get immediate access to Never Stutter Again, click the Buy Now button below.



Important: What will happen once you click the button

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you'll receive an automated email from digitalproductdelivery.com with the subject line "Your purchase from Never Stutter Again is complete"

To access the members area, you will simply need to open this email and click on the "View Purchase Online" button.


- John Isaac

Creator of the Never Stutter Again course

Can I Buy The Full Course and Then Ask for Refund?

No, this is a digital course, so the product is not returnable/refundable.

This course is, without a doubt, a high quality course with methods I've personally never seen revealed anywhere else with the kind of detail and depth that I've gone into.

It has taken me a lot of time and effort in puttng together this detailed stuttering course, so I cannot allow people to download it and get it for free by requesting a refund.

Everything you want to know about this ebook course is available on this page so you can make an informed decision whether to buy the course or not.

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