September 20, 2019

Should you expose your stutter to people?

A subscriber pops the question:

"Hi John,

I'm a covert stutterer and I'm looking for help on how to overcome this. I'm finding it's getting worse and is having a negative impact on my career development and relationships. I also can just no longer find myself being social in a group setting.

How long did you think it will take to see results with your course, and is part of process exposing your stutter?


Thanks Nasreen for taking the time to write me your question(s).

If you follow the strategies that i teach in the Never Stutter Again course, you can start seeing visible improvements to your stuttering within a few short weeks.... sometimes even days.

No, exposing your stutter is not a part of my strategy. You can be a shy and introvert person and still be stutter-free.... just like 99% of those who are shy and introverts.

Now some people will be in favor of exposing your stuttering. To them it's all a part of the wider "Self acceptance" mindset.

I believe, in my humble opinion, that if you really have to go that route, then only expose it to your really close circle of friends/coworkers. Most probably they know already.

But I'd advise you against opening up about your stuttering to someone you don't know intimately....

...Because whenever I used to that, it backfired big time.

And I've seen a similar trend among other stutterers too.

Now, as you start getting a control over your stuttering, it will start becoming naturally easy for you to participate and be social in group settings. But it's not something to stress over... because it's going to come a natural "side effect".

So just tackle stuttering - everything else will fall in place by itself... your career, your social life, your relationships.

Try Never Stutter Again with confidence. Here's the link to read more about it:


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