May 24, 2019

Steve Harvey's Stuttering Cure

I get it.

Humans are naturally skeptical of anything that’s promised to be radical.

What I don’t get is...

... Why the eff would anyone deny a SOLUTION to their problem?

There’s a video floating around on the internet of a popular comedian Steve Harvey.

Steve stuttered severely earlier in his life but he says he overcome it by himself.

In the video Steve is seen helping a lady with her stuttering.

He also takes a jibe at speech therapists saying "... they don’t even know the pain!"

The reason why you stutter, says Steve, is because of your anticipation.

Anyhow, he calls the lady to the stage and gives her a few steps to demonstrate how easy it is to speak without stuttering.

The video went up on Youtube and got viral.

Lots of people found it very inspiring..


Scores of people thought it's just BS.

In fact, a lot of those skeptics are *stutterers*.

They just don’t want to believe that it’s possible to cure stuttering.

Interestingly enough, it’s not the first time I heard someone say that so-and-so condition is not curable.

Take diabetes for example.

Pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know that it’s curable.

Doctors don’t want you to know it’s curable.

Heck the media doesn’t want you to know it’s curable.

Because then, if diabetes really is curable, who’s gona fed billions of dollars to the *insulin* industry??

In my opinion, folks who tell you that stuttering is not curable are either ignorant (because of their own lack of success) or they deliberately want to keep this a secret.

Steve Harvey is right on spot when he talks about anticipation.

Anticipation is a critical part of the stutter cycle.

It’s what makes the stuttering cycle a never ending loop. It’s basically your brain going: I’m going to stutter because I know I am going to stutter because i know I'm going to stutter...etc

See what Steve meant when he said "What makes you stutter... is the anticipation that you’re going to stutter" ?

Because when you anticipate that you’re going to stutter, you tend to grow over-conscious of the word which you’re about to say.

It prepares your mind to stutter!

And like a self-fulfilling prophecy, you end up doing exactly that.

Anticipation alone is responsible for creating majority of stuttering in children and adults.

In Never Stutter Again, you’ll discover how to break this anticipation cycle and experience the freedom of a calm and peaceful mind that’s ready to say anything spontaneously...

...without the stress of a ‘difficult’ word that you haven’t even uttered yet!

To find out more about the program, check out my course: 

In Never Stutter Again, I show you not just how to manage the anticipation mechanism, but also how to eventually stop it!

Imagine having a mind that does not ‘predict’ saying anything difficult!

Imagine being free to say anything that pops up in your mind, in real time!

Imagine talking to anyone you want "on the go"!

That’s how ‘normal’ people are.

The brain of a non-stuttering person is not conditioned to anticipate speech blocks.

And if you desire to speak like normal human beings, you must learn to de-condition your brain to stop making these useless anticipations.

Never Stutter Again will help you do that using a step-by-step approach.

Here's the link to learn more:

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