October 17, 2018

Talking On The Phone

I read in a forum today...

I've heard that stutterers who talk on a phone often stutter more than speaking in person. Does anyone know why this is? I've always wondered since I have this same issue.

-- Lauren L., London

Interesting question Lauren, thanks for asking.

Lauren brings up a common issue with stutterers. Why is it that you stutter more when talking on phone rather than speaking with someone face to face?

The reasons why you stutter on phone are the same reasons why you generally stutter to begin with.

It’s just that sometimes the stuttering gets worse on the phone, and there are several reasons for that, for example one good reason is that on the phone you’re engaging just a single sense, that is, your voice.

You’re not looking at the other person, the other person can’t look at you, so there’s no “non-verbal” communication going on. That puts more stress on you on a subconscious level and hence leads to more stuttering.

But it’s still a manifestation of stuttering.

And the way to get rid of it would be to eliminate stuttering from the grassroots. It’s like a tree... you cut off the roots and the tree would cease to exist.

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