June 10, 2020

The mystery of stuttering & childhood trauma

I think there's a huge misconception out there that those who suffer from stuttering must have had a very traumatic childhood...

Or that stutterers have very negative and damaging beliefs about themselves.

I think that's not true at all, I think that's complete BS.

I did not have a traumatic childhood...

Not at all.

In fact I had a very fun and jolly childhood.

The negative beliefs that I talk about in the Never Stutter Again course - these are the same beliefs every other kid - even you and I - would have formed if we had similar circumstances.

It's just that if someone is already genetically vulnerable and prone to stuttering...

...it's gonna manifest on his speech more than anywhere else.

That's the difference.

So yeah, these negatives beliefs are not unique to stutterers.

I'll give you one example:

When I was a kid in school, the teachers used to ask us questions - and the intelligent kids would be the first ones to raise their hands and chant "Can I answer! Can I answer!"

The kids used to answer the question.

But sometimes the teacher would go "Are you sure that's the correct answer??!"

"Are you sure John??"

And sometimes these rhetorical questions would come with a touch of shame and humiliation.

To the point the kid would start doubting himself...

"Was my answer wrong?"

"Did I say something wrong?"

If this happens to you over and over and over again, then eventually your mind is going to conclude:

"If I am being asked a question it means I have said or done something wrong!"

It's not really a conscious decision that you're making... rather it happens on a subconscious level...

And now this belief is implanted in you.

90% of us have this believe - I've seen it with so many people. Someone says something and I respond back saying "what? What did you say?"

That's enough to trigger hesitation and self-doubt in people.

Now, because most people are not genetically prone to stuttering... they won't stutter on this. But for sure you can see them doubting themselves.

As you may agree by now, these beliefs are not unique to stutterers.

These are not the kind of beliefs that only a person with traumatic childhood would have formed.

Stutterers do have a few additional beliefs though - that are specific to their stuttering. It's like which came first... chicken or egg? I don't know whether these beliefs came first or stuttering....

But the procedure of removing these beliefs are the same.

Some of these are:

"Stuttering makes me look bad"

"If I stutter it means I am stupid"

"If I stutter I am dumb"

And then there are hidden beliefs layered upon each other...

For example lets say you have this belief "People are gonna laugh at me if I stutter"

Ok so what?

"Well.. If people laugh at me it means I am dumb"

Ok so what?

"Hmm... if I am dumb it means I cannot survive!"

Most of the beliefs like this one can be digged deeper and deeper until you uncover a belief that's threatening your survival and existence.

The belief elimination process as explained in the course help you discover these beliefs.

And then it shows you a technique that makes you cut the roots of these beliefs so that they no longer control you.

This is not something airy fairy.

When you apply the process on yourself, the change you see and feel is REAL.

I mean, just imagine if you don't have this belief any more: "If I am being asked a question it means something is wrong with me".

You'd be able to see the change instantly. You'd simply never feel any hesitation if anyone asks you something.

And that's just one scenario.

Every scenario that you stutter in... has a deeply rooted belief or set of beliefs that's triggering your stutter.

You can't really pick these beliefs while you're talking to someone. They operate on a under-the-radar level.

The process I teach in 'Never Stutter Again' helps you bring these beliefs to the surface. And when that happens, when you realize what specific belief was causing you to stutter and stammer in similar patterns of situations...

You're going to react like "Why the heck I didn't realize that before?!"

That's how obvious and real it becomes.

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