June 6, 2020

The Stuttering Iceberg

Is stuttering complicated?

You bet!

If it was simple, we wouldn't even be talking about it now.

I mean if you have a cold, just drink plenty of fluids and get some rest.

If you run out of gas in your car, go fill it up!

Simple problems require only simple solutions.

But if you stutter....

... there isn't any simple solution.

That's why I think it's important for us to see why Titanic sank!

"Wait, what?! Titanic? What do you mean??"


The captain of Titanic probably looked out and saw this little iceberg and thought his ship was unsinkable....

So he said: "Full speed ahead!"

What he did NOT see was the 90% of the iceberg that was under the water. And the ship sank...

... because he didn't really understand the power of an iceberg.

If the captain of Titanic was a Stuttering Therapist, he'd be a very lousy one!

If he really was a good therapist, he would've known that he wasn't seeing the whole iceberg - he was only seeing the tip of it.

You see, stuttering is like an iceberg, with only a small part above the waterline and a much bigger part below the water.

The audible part of stuttering is just the tip of the iceberg . it's just 10% of the problem. The rest of the iceberg, the 90 percent below the waterline, is invisible. And that is where the emotional baggage lies.

All those emotions of fear, shame, guilt, anxiety, hopeless, isolation, denial... that's what we don't see, because it's hidden.

So if we attack just the top of the iceberg, we're not really addressing the whole problem, are we?

Using quick-fixes to treat stuttering is like attacking the tip of the iceberg, if you don't do anything about the emotional part (which accounts for 90% of stuttering)...

... what's going to happen after sometime is...


In my Never Stutter Again Daily Newsletter, I about dealing with this 90% - The emotional part that's responsible for your stuttering.

I will be up-front and honest with you. Your stutter will not disappear overnight. This is not a magic pill. It's mindset training.

Don't be like the lousy Titanic sailer. Attack stuttering from the ground-up and start experiencing an effortless speech without those annoying speech blocks. Do this and the visible part of your stuttering (the tip of the iceberg) will take care of itself.

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