January 2, 2021

"You are nothing but a stuttering jackass!"

A subscriber writes...

"Dear Mr. Isaac

I am 75 years old and have stuttered since childhood. In first grade a woman turned around in class and said "you are nothing but a stuttering jackass'. I was raised in a loving home with a loving family and my father tried to help me. He meant well, but he only made me more self-conscious.

I cannot afford the course you offer at this time, but I will in the future. Any help you may offer will be greatly appreciated. With gratitude I say thank you!"

Do YOU also have people in your life who mean well but their behavior only makes your stutter worse?

Do you also have distant memories of ridicule stuck in your mind?

There's a famous story that keeps making rounds in the stuttering community. It's about a guy who stuttered severely all his life. One day he ran into a very bad car accident that left injuries to his brain.

Due to the brain injuries, a lot of his past memories got erased. These included his stuttering memories. As a result, ever since he had the accident, he never stuttered!

So there's some truth to it when people say "It's all in the mind".

Luckily, you don't need an accident to get rid of stuttering.

Because here's the thing - it's not the memories itself but the beliefs and conditionings associated with it that cause stuttering. And we have the tools that help you eliminate these beliefs and conditionings from the roots.

Once this is done, you automatically stop thinking about those bad memories from past. And you automatically stop anticipating "difficult" words. And there's no more stutter.

It's doesn't happen overnight. But if you follow the steps and put some effort into it, you and everyone else around you will start noticing the improvements in your speech.

This is taught in detail in the Never Stutter Again online course. It's the only course that actually shows you how to de-condition negative stuttering memories and how to deal with the whole "anticipation" cycle via some simple daily exercises.

To get started on this path towards a stutter-free speech and start 2021 with a bang, visit the link below to get started:


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